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Being screwed over for 12 years aig has been screwing me for 12 years their adjusters are only educated in checking off the box the denied based send you one Ime's hundreds of times and if you get a doctor that is actually an accredited doctor and agrees with all your injuries and treatment he's never used again then they send you to some Third World doctor that will lie through his teeth most likely have a dozen malpractice suits against him or even had one that had his medical license revoked they sent me to him six times and each time I was turned away till finally I found out that the doctors license was revoked to practice medicine and he was under investigation for insurance fraud these are the type of doctors/specialists as they say they send you to I had multiple multiple multiple surgeries and they insult my intelligence each and every time by denying physical therapy Aig should be under investigation For bad faith cases And find 85 billion that they received in the bail out and divided amongst themselves as bonuses Aig is a total scam company it should not be called Worker's Compensation it should be called insurance compensation because they are the only one who receives compensation by not giving you the proper treatment 12 years of my life has been a loss my family my children my wife financially mentally and physically destroyed I couldn't even put a price tag on what I should be paid for the suffering physically mentally and financially that I incurred cause of Aig but I do believe in karma I do believe paybacks a *** and revenge is a *** so Aig if you know who I am now you know you're dealing with a *** I will be coming after you by exposing you to the news media the public the government whoever I can and that's a guaranteed promise

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Well I got one even better I'm been in and out of the operations for 14 Years and they are totally obvious to all my injuries trying time and time again to SCREW ME OVER REVOKE THEIR LICENSE FOR WORKS COMPENSATION IN ALL STATES. They do use 6 world country Doctors that can't even speak English sad I hope they get look into by the Government the state is just as corrupt as their adjusters doctors lawyers supervisors upper management to the top. Should be put underneath a magnifying glass

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Amen brother AIG adjusters are GED educated only also AIG IS THE BIG criminal insurance company on the faces earth they should have their license revoked and they should all be screwed over

to Maat #1558426

Yeah been totally screwed by those adjusters who only know denied last 8 years

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