American International Group Warranty-home Protection Plan Reviews

I've been paying for extended whirlpool coverage for 4 years, on a number of appliances.(As you know, the price increases every year.) When I made my call to Whirlpool, they asked a number of questions over and over again , kept me holding while they "checked" my contract. Told me I had to call AIG. Result: They will not repair my malfunction (misaligned gears which make horrible noise, blocking out the TV.) I no longer have a contract and no...
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American International Group - Non payment of claim
We purchased a five year policy for our KitchenAid refrigerator in October, 2012.After our refrigerator's ice maker stopped working in July, 2016, we had one of AIG's repairmen fix it. When he went to check the serial number on our refrigerator, he noticed that they didn't match. The problem was that our serial # didn't match the serial number on the policy due to an imput error on AIG's end.Not only would they not correct the problem and refund...
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I didn't like
  • Indifference and lack of integrity