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I got Hurt in Nov.2004, and have had a spinal cord stimulator implanted and redone 3 times just to be able to function on a daily basis, I am perm. Disabled with 2 your girls and no income and just continue to be lied to by the crazy adjuster.

Who says I do not need some treatments or my benifits to survive..Laws NEED TO CHANGE!!

thes are GED low life people who become adjusters for these companies and are on a POWER TRIP..Carma will get them someday..Just beware of AIG claims adjusters... and lets fight them back by going to the higher ups like congree, senate, and who ever else we can.............

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AIG sucks !


San Leandro, California, United States #1218211

I would like to contact other people that been defrauded by American International Insurance company AIG for not paying benefits for workman's compensation claims especially California I have Lifetime Medical and they don't want to pay for my Medical Treatments Galveston at delgossen@ gmail.com


Was his name: MATTHEW ROTHKE

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1126183

This is a Election year so it would be the best time to contact your local officials on this companies tactics. The time has indeed come to fight for what is our right.

Shame on the people that work their for their heartless actions and making people suffer needlessly.

Whoever is reading this state your reasons for stopping this company from hurting anyone else. Lets stand united take this to the media and expose them for who they are once and for all!

to not gonna take this anymore #1551032

I agree election is coming up, we must also let them know just like it's a opioids crisis it's also a doctor skim making money off the spinal cord stimulator crisis. The doctor get paid from $50,000.00 to $81,000.00 just for the surgery.

The low amount is medicare the highest amount is good old AIG.

They get from $20.000.00 to $50.000.00 to manage them yearly. This is why the doctor are pushing for this device if you refuse to get it they are now refusing to do any other medical care for you.


This company needs to be out of business they have destroyed people lives, and nothing is being done about it.


I was a passenger in a car hit by a drunk driver some years ago, I was told I needed a case manager to tell me what I needed etc & had a adjuster who was a slimeball.

There is a fund to allow me to be as "normal" as possible as I was pre accident.

They were eager to spend on a $$van but I wanted a camera mount which was $130 at a camera store & $600 in a disability catalogue-they kept denying it (identicle make, model but shown holding a switch, not a camera), I read the act in place at the time-fired the case manager as she took my ideas then took credit for it. I also shoved the clause about items to return me to "normal" in their face & have not had trouble getting items needed that I want. They now realise I know what I need & so far I get what I ask for.

Livermore, California, United States #786864

I am Going Through The Same Thing. Now They Took Away My Meds, That

Are Highly Addictting, You Think They Care?

It's Going To Cost More Money

In The Long Run Starting This Weekend When I Go Into Emergency With Withdrawls

And Maybe They Will Realize That By Just Authorizing My Meds. Will Be Cheaper.


Connect with other injured & disabled workers in the first of its kind social network and community - www.NAIDW.org

Pikeville, Kentucky, United States #684867

I was injured in an underground mining accident. Broken jaw on both sides,left upper arm (humerous),left collarbone, vertebra C6,C7,T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6,T7 spinous processes,left ribs in my back3,4,5. Same story here. I did not get a lawyer, huge mistake.

I've only heard one thing out of the adjuster "I'm not paying for that". They sent me for IME's to doctors that have a bought and paid for opinion.The doctors interview was not set up to get to the truth, but to cast me in the most negative light possible. Chartis sent me twice over the years to the same IME sham doctor. The first time when I got the report I could not believe the stuff he wrote. The second time I was ready for his ***. I had seen on the Internet where he had been sued several times. I would not sign his release to get my medical records. His nurse was dressed in a shirt showing her belly and her lace panties. I questioned her credentials that she was a "nurse". I took a law student with

me, that really shook him up. I told him to his face that he was a liar and a fraud for what he was doing. He eventually threw me out before the exam ,but he did have quite a different take on the review of my records in his second report.

Long story short for fifteen years I could not get them to pay for one thing. My

medical has cost me personally easily over 100,000. I went to my gatekeeper physician (just so I would not drop completely off the radar). The gatekeeper did not have the address where AIG changed to Chartis and the bill was submitted late. I received a bill for 312.00 from the gatekeeper where he did not get his money. I got pissed and called Chartis and basically told them what I thought of them. So I guess to teach me a lesson Chartis sued me over 312.00. When they sued me that put my case before a judge. I did not know the comp laws or processes and Chartis used that against me to thowart my claim. At the hearing with the judge my wife and I went in and told

my story and he ordered for me to at least start getting some help from Chartis.

The comp laws are so complex a lay person cannot navigate them. I hate to say it but, you have to have a lawyer. If Chartis had not sued me over the 312.00 I would still be on my own. Now I need a complete shoulder replacement. I believe if I had had the proper care in the past my shoulder would not be this far gone.

Anyway, if you can get your case in front of a impartial third party you might have a chance for help. Sadly, I do not think anyone is going to get the care they need if it it left up to the Chartis adjuster.

Gainesville, Georgia, United States #657212

I feel 12 feet from a ladder face first in 2011.Chartis is the WC insurance company and Coleman Natural Foods are the WC frauders.I busted my head,left eye socket,busted 16 teeth out,broke my jaw,destroyed my sinuses cavity,deaf in right ear,busted up my neck pinching nerves,left shoulder immobile,broken ribs,right knee busted cartridge,torn ligaments in right hip,damage tendions in left hand along with lost smell and taste.My left eye is blurry and I have double vision plus vertigo.I was sent to the Company's Doctors.I was told I had arthritis lol.I can't rember or make decisions along with emotional issues.Every emergency surgery was denied,Physical Therapy denied,Dental treatment denied.The company Doctors where telling me to turn my injuries into my private insurance.I refused.When the company was forced to turn the accident in 5 months later I was fired.I haven't received no weekly benefits and am just now getting teeth replaced.They have committed Fraud and the state or federal government does nothing to inforce the law.I am living off Food Stamps,TANF and Medicad.Medicad is paying for my surgeries and also send me a letter to give them the company's name and Insurance company's name that didn't provide medical treatment.I have a attorney no choice of my own.But I hope my State will make them pay for my medical treatment and fine them.They should be put in jail.I do rember seeing a company dentist with busted teeth and nerves hanging out.I heard the Adjuster telling the Dentist he only wants pain pills.LOL..I am still waiting for 2 busted teeth extractions that hurt 24/7.I ask the dentist just pull them but he said I can't you have a broken jaw and facial nerve damage.GOD will pay them back.Chartis and other WC insurance company's along with company's themselves commit 90% of all WC fraud!The half left side of my face is numb all the time.It feels like puddy stuck to my face.My left arm feels like it's been dipped in boiling water and my left arm and hand are wilting as the real Doctors told me.My mind is trapped in a cell of pure pain.I have a advocate to try and help me get SSID to support me and my n2 children but I thought we had WC laws in America?I guess workmans comp doesn't have to follow the law for a disabled worker they expect the Government to.But even trying to get SSDI we as working Americans still have to fight and wait years.Something has to be done.Company's have a panel of Doctors for a reason.It's a panel of paid off Doctors.They do not want a worker to see a true honest Doctor!

to Steve Chambers Athens, Georgia, United States #680687

I just got a MRI of my brain.I have brain damage TBI and Spinal cord injury.The specialist reading my MRI explains this is why I have problems with my memory,personality,motor functions,hearing,vision,speech,smell,taste,weakness in my arm and hand along with lots more.I am the guy that wrote the article above.The company Dr kept telling me I had no problems with my brain after hitting the floor 12 feet up face first.The company Dr and Hospital in Gainesville are all in bed with the companys and insurance company Chartis/AIG but they will be answering to GOD when they meet there maker.I reported them to the state of Georgia workemans comp fraud unit.Guess what they replied back telling me it only seems they commit fraud and I will get a settlement.Seems the state is afraid of these criminals.How do you settle a tramatic brain injury along with a crippled body for money?Medicad has been treating me for the past 6 months and I just had a much needed hip surgery from torn ligaments from the fall.Along with proper testing and physical therapy.Why should tax payers being made to pay for my treatment?Shouldn't WC pay and treat?I was fired with all these injuries also.Fired with brain damage I couldn't stay awake or follow there instructions.I should not even have been sent to work on light duty anyway with all my injuries.I have no income expect for welfare now with 2 kids after working all my life.Someone has got to do something.I hired a lawyer but there is only so much they can do no matter what they tell you.2011 and still fighting the bastards.


It's the same deal with their St. louis office the bailout *** AIG/Chartis tries to brainwash their clients into "tempting" employees into insurance fraud by turning injuries into their personal insurance. They ahve been reported to the Attorney General and the chips will fall.


:cry :cry I agree, they have been screwing me up ever since the original adjuster left ( P. I never had any problems.

( Peter Ezold ) he was so fair if you were really hurt. It's been 7 years, June of 2004 and I will never be able to work again, The company I worked for is partially self insured, the pay the first 500,000 of the claim, now that AIG has to pay they offer me a settlement of 200,00 thousand plus set aside when the value is 800,000. Sure I'll settle.

LOL Now they can pay me until I die. My grand mother lived to be 98.


Aig is Also is known as Chartis Ins,

workers compensation so called Provider

is A Joke, We all are getting the Run around,same excuses and Denial of Benfits

and Disreguard of the Workmans Comp Laws and Rules,but if we screw up one Time or

Miss A Doctors appointment for any Reason at All, they Stop our Checks,and the Doctors on the List you have to chose from

Don't Listen to the Patent at all or want to Beleave anything we Say,and Treat us all

as Low Lifes,trying to Get half of the Pay we are Entittled too,are very Rude and Sarcastic to Our Medical Problems,Just Like the Claims Agents that work for Insurence Companys, its amazing how Low these so called Prefessionals are,how can

they Live with selfs is Just Unbelavaeble.


:( Please send me a link to my email where to write Obama.. My email is lmedina721@comcast.net.

We all have to shout about this AIG are crooked theives!!

PLEASE HELP!! I am about to loose my home!!!!


Isn't it great , now that AIG has ripped us all off on the medical bills and pay . We get to bail them out at 85 billion + 38 billion .

Those SSDI checks are going to start to shrink .

All I can say is send a email to Senator Obama about their misdeeds like I did . I actually got a response .

And I noticed he mentioned them in his debate . You have to make a lot of noise or nobody will know their criminal activities .

to Really ***ed #1008040

I need help I have a lawyer and they had me to go to the doctor and the doctor said he could not take my case he could not see me I just left the ER and they would not see me the same one I went for my injuries someone please help me email me at anitayking@gmail.com


AIG is the worst, workers comp just runs you through the ringer. Since being hurt on the job two years ago I have lost everything I own, forced to have an operation, which AIG now says wasn't nessesary,have been refused follow up medical treatment, , been sent to one fraud AIG doctor after another, all of whom say there is nothing wrong, just a broken neck, go back to work, live on SSDI which pays monthly what I use to make weekly, and am slowly watching my life go right down the drain. AIG SUCKS !!!

Parkton, North Carolina, United States #20154

I have a adjuster who just treated me like I was a child. He was very rude.

I cannot believe they let their employers treat client like this. :(

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